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About Pumping Station Service - A Reputation for Reliability

Pumping Station Service Center has been “in the family” since 1986, passing down from father to daughters in 2017. Artie showed us how to do the little things the right way, one day at a time. We’ve built our reputation by continuing his legacy. You can expect nothing less than punctuality, honesty, and integrity when you call us.

It’s our job to help you make the most of a messy situation. Whether it’s routine lift station maintenance, grease trap service, or a storm drain cleaning, our technicians are prepared for the worst and always eager to help you turn it all around. Pleasant, easy, and quick – that’s the Pumping Station Service Center way.

If you are in Palm Beach, Broward, or Miami-Dade, give us a call or contact us below, and we’ll be on site shortly.

24-Hour Emergency Service
Day, night, weekends, we are always ready to serve.

Our Services - Our Unique Advantage: Trust

Let’s face it, what we do isn’t exactly rocket science. What makes us different is our dedication to the details of the job, and our willingness to make your life easy. When we dispatch one of our teams to your site, you can consider your problem taken care of.
That’s why we are the most trusted lift station repair company in Southern Florida.

Lift stations

Lift stations are designed to pump raw sewage from a lower elevation up to a higher one. Sewage is fed into and stored in an underground pit, known as a wet well.

Grease Traps

Grease traps are devices placed down from kitchen cleaning appliances such as sinks, woks, and any other drains that collect grease. 

Storm Drains

Storm drains are drainage systems designed to handle an excess of water caused by flooding or heavy rainfall. There are various types of storm drainage systems, such as Catch Basins and French Drains.


No homeowner wants to deal with septic tank and drain field problems. For a variety of obvious reasons, including protecting your water supply from contamination.

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    24-Hour Emergency Service Day, night, weekends, we are always ready to serve.
    Call us any time at: (954) 969-1964


    • Wanted to take the time to share our satisfaction with your company

      Great Service over the years, the field team as well as the office staff are always willing to help

      Hotel RIU Plaza Miami Beach
      Executive Office
    • Pumping Station Service is always a phone call away. This family owned business treats customers like family. They are honest when it comes to a solution to a problem. As a mid-sized company, we need reliable and cost effective contractor’s. Everyone from the office staff to technicians are very professional.

      Miami Rescue Mission / Broward Outreach Centers - Ida Sigillo
    • Happy to be a Pumping Station Service customer. The truth is they are the best, and also the most kind and honest. You can always count on them to solve your issues. If it were not so, I would not have my chain of six restaurants serviced by the best in the industry.

      Balcon de Las Americas Restaurants - Roberto Velez